This site, published by Emergency and Wilderness Medicine in 2000, is a general guide to the physiological effects and symptoms of altitude sickness and the treatment that may be necessary to cure these illnesses.
This site, published my Kevin Cherilla and updated daily, is a general guide to the physiological effects and symptoms of altitude sickness.
Published on September 6, 2000, this site describes some of the effects that climbers may experience at high altitudes. Morris provides a lot of information regarding the various illnesses that mountaineers may encounter as they get higher and higher up on the mountain. Prevention, symptoms, and treatment for the various illnesses are also provided.
This site, last edited on January 25, 2002, gives a strong definition of high altitude pulmonary edema and its causes and symptoms.
Last edited on September 17, 2009, this source by Drs. Goyal and Mosenifar outlines the symptoms of HAPE and other high-altitude-related complications. It also gives a very detailed explanation of the epidemiology and physiology of high altitude pulmonary edema. The writers of the article utilize several statistics to support their findings. There is also a very informative section on treatments and medication for HAPE.
Its author and date of publish unknown, this website gives descriptions of various altitude illnesses such as acute mountain sickness, high altitude cerebral edema, and high altitude pulmonary edema, along with the symptoms they present.
This article, published in 1998 in a newspaper, explains one climber's story of his battle with HAPE while hiking.

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